mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

Get well soon, Mama

Since last week, my mom had a problem with her pelvis. Already went to the neurologist and orthopedist. They gave her pain killer, but my mom still feel pain. After the X-ray, it's discovered that there is a misalignment of the bone in the fourth and fifth lumbar, which injured the nerve. The doctor said, if the medicine still not help to relieve the pain, there is a possibility to have a surgery.

Yesterday, she already hospitalized to do some tests.
When I called her this morning, her sound was so weak. I knew, she was holding in pain. I felt like want to hug and accompany her. And she still asked my condition here.

hufft.. I'm sure and believe she can go through this all. She is a tough woman.

May Allah give a cure. 
Ma,, sorry that I could not stay next to you. I will always pray from here, Ma.
warm hugs and kisses.
Love you, Ma.

ciao ciao,


  1. amiiiiiiin.. yes, thats your mom win.. even she is in pain, she is still asking for you. when i was there she is still asked me to eat.. yes, she is tough woman, like her daughter.. she is will get better soon, and be patient ya.. big hug and kisses.. :)

    1. aamiin,,,
      yaa... she always like that.
      no, I'm not tough yet.. still learn to be like her.
      thank you kuti.. :)