sabato 3 marzo 2012

Baby pancake

Me and Mala (my flatmate), we are the youngest in the class. We like studying together with our friends who are Marko (Serbian) and Irfan (Pakistani). We play a lot too together. And the best time is cooking time.

After Dynamic programming & MPC exam, we decided to come to Marko's flat. Though we didn't sleep to prepare the report of the exam at that day, we just come to have pancake. *yeay*

Rade made the pancake's dough. He said the key of pancake is to stir it well. He also said, put the frizzante (sparkling water) instead of natural water.

Then, Marko showed us how to cook the pancake. But this is special pancake, because it's a baby pancake.
We call it baby pancake because its tiny size.. haha...

This is a bite size pancake. You can put simply sugar, jam, nutella, honey, or even ice cream as you like.

Sorry, the quality is not really good.. because me as the camerawoman is still in beginner level :p
Please enjoy the video :D

Believe me,, the baby pancake is so delicious, because we use the special ingredient, which is love, as Marko said. hahaha

Hope you enjoy the video :D

ciao ciao,


  1. uhmmmmm yummy ;) ahahhahaha

    1. yuppp... it's yummy!
      you have to try the recipe... easy and lots of fun when you make the pancake :D