sabato 3 marzo 2012


Saturday is the shopping day!
Every Satuday, I go to the market to buy fruits, vegetables, chicken and many things for the following week.
Usually, I buy banana and orange, sometime apple, peach or kiwi.

Among all fruits, pomodoro or tomato is my favorite!
Actually, I like fruits which contains a lot of water. Feel so fresh when you eat it.
Tomato is special for me, it's a little bit sour, but I don't know how to say,,, it's so delicious for me... molto buono!

Today, I buy cherry tomatoes. Usually, we eat it as insalata or salad. 

The price is 1 euro for a chilo. After coming back home,, I ate it... Yummyy....
actually,, it will be more delicious when it's cold (keep it in the fridge).

Hmm.... enjoy the spring time with many good fruits!!

ciao ciao