venerdì 30 marzo 2012

INA - Red and White

To be Indonesian is an honor for me, be a largest archipelagic state in the world which lies between Indian ocean and Pacific ocean, has more than 700 living languange, and has a beautiful nature.

Though we have big amount of resources, we still have problems in poverty, education, health, and many more.

The more I talk about Indonesia with my best friend (Katia), the more we discover problems.

And in the end, we ask ourselves, "What should we do then?"

Hope one day, all of young people could contribute to make our country be better.

One thing that I want to do most, help people to have well education. hmm...maybe it's the only thing I could do. :)

Just like Indonesian's flag philosophy, Red as bravery and White as holiness, I want to be brave developing my pure and simple dream.

Forever, Indonesia will be part of me, my identity and my pride.

ciao ciao


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