lunedì 14 maggio 2012

See you again...

Today, my flatmate Dewi (but I prefer to call her mba, which means sister in Indonesian), went back to Indonesia.
I accompanied her to the terminal of Sadem, Malpensa shuttle bus.

Hmmm... there's no tear in our farewell. It's not because I don't love her. But I'm sure, that we will meet again. Her life and my life, will coincide. I believe.

Today, Me and Mala, we cleaned all the house. Mala moved to her room.
I feel something missing.

Left to right: Mala, Mba Dewi, me

To Mba Dewi,

Maybe you already in Jogja when you read this. I do really hope all the best in your life.
Thank you for all your advices. Thank you for all the times we shared together.
I'm sorry if I did something you could not tolerate.

Now, there's no one who will come home around 8 pm at home.
No one who will take a shower early in the morning at home.
No one who will talk in Indonesian to me at home.
No one who will laugh out loud again.

hmmm.... first day without you. feels quiet here.

I will always support your decision mba.
Now, I believe, you can decide what's good for your life.
Hope you will get your happiness in life.

love you.

and  See You Again...

ciao ciao,


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