martedì 1 maggio 2012

Dente di leone - Dandelion

Last Sunday, I went to Parco Mario Carrara with friends to have a picnic. It is a big park, but not so many things to do here. Moreover, not so many people spend their times here. Maybe the location is almost outside of the city.

We had lunch together, I prepared lemper daging, made from glutinous rice and sweet-savory meat inside. We also brought fried noodles and mung bean porridge.

Then, as usual, I took my camera to find some good moments.
And this time, I took a picture of dente di leone or Dandelion flowers.
Mala helped me to make bubbles. Here are the pictures.

Accidentally, I browse the meaning of dandelion's symbol. Dandelion is the symbol of hope and love. So spread your hope and love just like dandelion. :)

ciao ciao,


  1. waow.. nice pic.. did you took it accidentally or no?? dandelion with bubble?? its coool.. nice pic..

    1. thank you...
      I just had an idea when I saw the dandelion. Then, I ask Mala to blow the bubble... ahaha