mercoledì 25 aprile 2012

Pasta alle Vongole

In easter holiday, I had a chance to celebrate easter in Ercolano, Napoli and felt the warmth of Italian family.

We had lunch in restaurant near Vesuvio montagna. We spent more than 3.5 hours for having lunch!! *great*

I absolutely agree that Italian food has a great taste. The food was not only about pizza and pasta. I ate the appetizer, which are seaweed puffs, then bruschetta. Gosh, I can't mention it all, since it's a lot portion for me...

And the star of all the food was PASTA ALLE VONGOLE.

This is the best pasta I have ever ate. The clams and mussels were so fresh. And the taste is so tasty and light.

Maybe I have to practice to make this kind of pasta,, then all my fams and friends could taste this (damn) good pasta. molto buono!!! 

ciao ciao,


  1. aaaaah,, i want thats pasta.. and you said that the best pasta you have ever ate.. makes more want that pasta.. uhmmm seems yummy...

  2. yaa... you should try it!
    I don't know where can we find this in Indonesia... hmm.. I'll let you know, once I found it.