mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

Trees, Bench, and Path

I should say, now I like photography as new hobby. Though it's far to be perfect in taking pictures, but I enjoy to shoot objects. The best thing is when I see those pictures again, I can feel the feeling when I was there.

I like nature. It's really refresh my mind and soul. That's the reason, I share a lot of natural or scenery pictures.

Among all of my pictures, I just realized that I have three things in common, TREES, BENCH, and PATH.

at Parco Mario Carrara Pelleria

 at Parco Mario Carrara Pelleria

 at Parco Mario Carrara Pelleria

at Rossa Giardino, Firenze, Italia

at Parco del Valentino

I don't know why I took these photos. Maybe I should find the psychological meaning behind my interest. :D

ciao ciao,


  1. hohoho, you like landscape photography.. yeay!! yes, you got the sense in landscape. and the first time i see your pic. i want to sit in the park on that chair.. hehe.. so when you back to bandung i have new friend for hunting or taking my pic with my outfit.. :P

  2. yaaa,, I think so.
    when I see my pics, most of all are landscape pics. Yup, we can hunt for good view together. And you're the model. haha