lunedì 28 maggio 2012

How can the car turn right/left on the curve road?

This term, I learn many applications of control theory, such as Aerospace control, Robotics, and Automotive control. All of them are similar in the mean of frame works. I study about the fixed frame and reference frame, how to represent it in one another frame. 

In automotive course, it's interesting that I learn about Anti-lock braking system. how it works, and how is its advantage to today's technology in cars.
And how amazing the complexity of mechanical parts combine with sensors and actuators, and how those measured signals are brought and processed in power-train (the brain of car). And never imagine how to control the amount of fuel to be injected in the combustion chamber and the air which help in the combustion process. The more I study, the more I amazed with the technology.

And now, I want to share a little bit about the phenomenon in turning a car.
On the straight road, both right and left wheel apply the same wheel speed. While on the curve road, they could not apply the same wheel speed. For example, if we want to turn right, the left wheel apply more wheel speed than the right. The question is, how the can it works? How can we apply different speed on these wheel? How to slower down the speed for the right wheel?

This video explain it very clearly. Check this out.

After I watched this video, it's clear how the car can turn on the curve road.

Maybe we use car or bus everyday. but never realized how it works.
Engineering is extremely cool!! So blessed that I choose engineering course. hahahaha

"Don't ever ignore the small thing. Without it, the big thing won't work well."

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