domenica 6 maggio 2012

In Giro per il Mondo - Around the World

I have posted about a kids book which gave me an imagination to see the world, in London - Imagination comes to a reality.

I posted it in Indonesian.

It was a wonderful feeling that you can see all of your imagination comes to a reality. I felt it when I crossed the Tower bridge.

After I posted it, I tried to find that book. And yesterday, I found it in Le Feltrineli bookstores.
I just smile seeing this book. I said, thanks mom and dad, that you gave me such a simple but valuable book.

cover of the book

content of the book

haaahhh.... what a great feeling. I believe, nothing is a coincidence. Everything has already written by Allah Swt. All we can do, just do the best and be grateful for all of His blessings to us. Alhamdulillah.

ciao ciao,


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