martedì 1 maggio 2012

Tortellini soup - Indonesian taste

Today, I made Tortellini soup.

Tortellini is a kind of pasta with spinach and cheese inside. The shape is similar with Indonesian dumpling, called pangsit. As other pasta, Tortellini is cooked with passata di pomodoro. But we can cook Tortellini as a soup. I haven't taste the real tortellini soup. Then, I made a Tortellini soup with Indonesian taste, actually Bandung taste :p

Raw tortellini

Tortellini soup with Indonesian style

If you are Indonesian, and come from Bandung, you probably know pangsit kuah. That's exactly the taste. Maybe I should call this innovation of pangsit kuah, because it's combined with spinach and cheese.

feel so full now... :)

ciao ciao,


  1. uhmmmm its seem yummy... you should make it for me and dini when you are here.. ahahah.. its makes me remember to Ratatouille movie, i know its different.. :P

    1. this is the second time,, and I should say this was succeed.
      the taste is so good. don't worry, I will cook for all of you! :D