lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

Oggi e' molto freddo

Brrrr..... Today is so cold. It was -14C in the morning. Even inside the metro station, I felt my hands like frozen. My nose was hurt, because of the cold.

And in the campus, unfortunately we have to move to other class, which is smaller. And also the radiator are not working all, only 2 of 8. All of us like freezing, even the professor. Finally, we can get bigger class which is better in the afternoon.

When I went home the temperature was -8C (better than this morning). But still it's cold. And now, tonight in my room, the radiator is not working. Fortunately, I have halogen, that can make me warm enough.

I really enjoy my first winter. Experience this cold weather, which I won't have in my country. I just imagine, how if I have final exam during this winter. It must be very hard to study in cold weather. brain

Now, I have many assignments, and it's hard to concentrate. Because I don't want to be far from my blanket and bed. Hufftt..
I just wish the best for all my friend who will have the exam during this 'very nice' weather. :D

ciao ciao


  1. lol brain freeze.. what is that?? :P
    omg, i cant imagine in that situation.. here when the temperature is only 18C i feel freezing.. lol...

    1. hahaha...
      believe me, in such cold weather,, all you want to do is stay beneath your thick blanket!