venerdì 3 febbraio 2012

Be happy...

Today, I have new memorable experience. For the first time during my study, I failed in the exam LOL. I'm not always get the highest score, but for me I understand the course and pass it as best I can. But today, I made my own study record, which I fail 1 course, Modern Control Synthesis.

Actually, in this term I have 4 courses, Analysis Linear and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Digital Control Technology, System Identification, Estimation, and Filtering, and Modern Control Synthesis. I got good mark for other 3 courses.

After the announcement of the result, I just keep smiling. Finally I knew how it feel to have failed in a course, hahaha...

I made all the control design. The professor said, I made a very big mistake as control designer. I did wrong in transfer a function. The problem is use Ramp signal, while I calculated for the step signal. And boom... all my weighting functions are incorrect, and so on with my H-infinity controller.

I just be happy, that I made a mistake now, not in a real plant. I know that I underestimate the interpreting specifications part, however it is the most crucial part in control design.

ciao ciao,


  1. omg omg omg!!! i guess something wrong with your head.. i still remember the first time you told me about this.. you laughing.. and thats true, even in here you are happy.. i guess you are the only one who failed in exam and still happy, crazy friend.. :P but I always proud to know you, coz you always can see point of view in another angle.. keep fighting my dearest friend..

    1. I do really like your comments!
      I don't know what's wrong with my thought,, but have many bad and good experience makes me feel happy! cause you have another story in your life... :D