venerdì 28 settembre 2012


On 18th September 2012, I graduated from 2nd level Specializing Master Automatica & Control Technologies of Politecnico di Torino.

One year has been passed. Great work, great experience, great friend, and great time. 

Politecnico di Torino has been part of my life history from now on. I am proud to finish my study in Polito.

Torino will always be in my memory. Stati Uniti, Lingotto, Centro, Porta Nuova, and Parco del Valentino, will always remain in my mind. And I'm missing the city now.

Goodbye and see you again one day.

ciao ciao, 

PS: this is my first post since I came back to Indonesia, and it feels weird to say ciao ciao here :)

      Ti voglio bene Torino


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