domenica 28 ottobre 2012


It's almost a month since I left Torino. Sometimes, I still feel missing that beautiful city. I miss my life when I was there. However, it's been part of my life, and it has changed me the way I am now. 

Allah always gives us the best. His plan will never be wrong. There's only us who don't understand His plan to our life.

Allah always makes our pray happen, right now or after some time. 

After some tears and hard work during these time, I realize that Allah has postponed making my pray happen. And now, the time is getting closer.

I still remember how hard I tried to stand up and walk again after fell down deeply, when I failed to get my dream. Then, I let my dream go. I could say, that moment was my turning point of life. I became totally new person in facing my life.

After finishing my study in Torino, I failed to continue work in The Office, where I could be my dream job as control engineer. But, I never regret it, Allah will give me a better place one day.

Next week, I will get one of my pray 2 years ago happen. insyaAllah. I want to have a picture in front of Schiphol Airport. I will do my best, it's not only for me, but the best for my family, my friends, and all the people around me. I just want to make my life meaningful to others. aamiin.

I still want to hold the world.


  1. yang baik menurut kita, belum tentu baik menurut Allah SWT,, keep cheerful, keep dream big!! brussel spring kapan nih? :p

    1. yups,, definitely agree!
      somehow, He just want us to walk around, nothing but to be grateful for the things we had. Life is too perfect!
      deuuhhh,, masih menganggur nih diriku :P