domenica 5 febbraio 2012


This morning, I just read news about politics in Indonesia. I also read an article about Soekarno's dream through a famous statue in Jakarta. (Soekarno is Indonesia's founding father and the 1st president of Indonesia). All my thoughts are flying to the future. What will be in my country. No one in the parliament nor government could we believe.

During these days, the news are about the parliament. In the parliament, one of division wants to renovate their office, and they propose USD 2 million. They want to change the chairs, IT facilities, sound systems, and so on. First, they change all the chairs with import chairs from Germany. Then people criticized them. Finally, they unloaded all those new stuffs. They were asked for re-budgeting. They said the most expensive budget is for IT facilities.
Here, I just concerned about our people. We can use the budget for education or medical treatment for the poor.

And this morning I read an article about Patung Dirgantara a.k.a Patung Pancoran. (Patung=statue=statua). It tells about the history and Soekarno's dream about the power of Indonesia's Air Forces. He thought that our country has to have excellent air forces, because any country which has excellent air force would lead in the defense. It's all about the speed. Then to commemorate it, he propose to build a statue which reflects his thought. And it is Patung Dirgantara or Aerospace Statue. He hopes that we could remember his dreams and keep our country safe from outside interference.

Left picture below is the detail of the statue. It reflects the dynamics and speed to illustrates the air forces. Sadly, now the statue has lost its meaning. Jakarta regional government build highway which cross this statue as seen in right picture below. I remembered, I have lived in Bekasi and everyday I went through this highway and see this statue everyday on my may to work. I feel sad to see this condition. For me, history is part of our life. All the good and bad story of it, we have many things to learn from it. For this matter, we forget about the spirit and hopes of our founding father.

I don't know what will happen in the future. Many problems need to face for me and all Indonesian to make a better future for our country. I believe in one thing, "Rainbow will come after the rain with sufficient sunlight". And so does Indonesia.

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  1. omg, my friend write serious topic.. interesting.. :D many people in the parliament thinking the same things like you.. but some people louder than them.. and im so proud of you.. Soekarno think like that, BJ Habibie thinking like that too till now, so I'm waiting you here to improve our aerospace industry.. and make Indonesia lead in defense again.. keep fighting my dearest friend...

    1. thanks a lot! *hugs*
      hope one day, we could do better for people,, and make ourselves beneficial to others... love Katia-Edda