venerdì 3 febbraio 2012

L'autunno in Torino

I arrived in this pasta country at 20 September 2011 in Caselle l'aeroporto. Many good hopes and will I bring here. The weather was not so different with Jakarta, it was around 30-33 degree of Celcius. It was not hard at all to adapt with the weather.

After 1 month I live here, the weather start changing, windy. Yup,, Fall has come :)

 Fall is identical with the leaves, then here I took some picture of it.

Park in front of Bra Station

Path along corso Stati Uniti

Parco del Valentino

Park behind Gallery 8 Lingotto

Parco del Valentino

I like the brown colour of leaves. What a perfect natural process from Allah. Subhanallah.

ciao ciao


  1. envy!!! :P, but i guess you have photographer skill.. nice pic my dear... ;)