sabato 4 febbraio 2012

Buon sabato

Buon giorno, buon sabato...

Addesso, ora e' 7.00 AM. I just had morning prayer and read Koran. Last night, my lecturer in Indonesia ask me about the journal that I should summarize. It's been almost 1,5 month I haven't do it again. Though I have some assignments to be done, but today I make a priority to finish that journal. I could not say that I'm busy to him. He is so kind to me. I have worked as assistant researcher for 6 months with him. I also did my final project with him. Anytime I need reference letter for applying higher study, he always give me. Even though I know, he must be so busy.

My weekly schedule on Satuday is spese!  Yup go shopping for weekly needs. I need to buy many vegetables, fruits, and chicken. My flatmate also ask me to accompany her to hair salon. She just want to cut her hair because she got cold and headache easily. I said maybe you have many things to think or stressful. But I think it's also good to have new hairstyle. Let's see... :)

I also plan to buy camicia for my dad and brothers. I hope they still offer for saldi this week.
Che occupato sabato! ma sono felice perche e'  fine settimana ^___^

ciao ciao


  1. omg omg omg.. so many italiano here and there.. ooh come on my crazy friend give me the translation to english beside the italiano.. :P ahahaha.. ya, you have very kind lecture.. of course me too :P.. you must be so hard to say no.. you both are kind persons.. even in busy schedule.. :P

    1. hahaha... yeah,, now i will give the translations..
      anyway,, my italian is not so good. i could not say many words..
      yeaa... he is so kind for me,, help me a lot until this time.. :D