domenica 22 settembre 2013

Sweet September

Many special moments for me happen on September. The first time I came back to London (9 Sept 2011), first time I came to Turin (19 Sept 2011), first day I went to Polito campus (20 Sept 2011), master graduation (18 Sept 2012), went back to Indonesia (21 Sept 2012).

It's been a year since I went back to Indonesia. Last year, my parents and my youngest brother came to Turin to attend my graduation. They first traveled to London, spent couple of days there. My youngest brother got birthday party, and so did my parents who got a wedding anniversary celebration. Though I could not celebrated with them in London, I felt so happy. London has been part of my parents life, how they struggled for life, until my mom gave birth to me. 

I still remember the moment when I picked them up on Caselle Aeroporto, Turin. I can't describe how I feel at that time. Then, we have several days to travel around Italy. That might be perfect if my oldest brother be with us. Hope one day, we could travel again together.

Right after we had Ied prayer on August 2013


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