venerdì 8 giugno 2012


Finally,, today I finished all the exams. And it means, I finished all the courses.
haa... I can hardly believe that I've already been here more than 9 months.
And now, I just need to complete this master program, by doing the internship.

Today's exam was the most difficult for me. It was an oral exam for Aerospace control systems.
The questions were really deep in understanding the basic principle. I was asked about the perigee frame, inertial frame, drag force, and many others. hufff....

Now, I just finished have dinner with my best friends Marko, Arianna, Rade, and my flatmate Mala.
Actually, we planned to have lunch in Giapponese Ristorante,, but the exam finished at 5 pm *fiuh*
Then, me and Mala, initiate to have dinner together at our flat.
I cooked calamari with sweet&sour sauce, and Mala cook chicken cola.
What a nice night.

Marko and Rade will leave Torino. Marko will have internship in Milano, while Rade will have it in Trento.
A little bit sad,, because we usually go together, sing, and joke together.
Hope that I can visit them there...and ask them to treat me well there... hahaha

anyway,,, I'm quite satisfied with the overall result. At least, I can perform well during my study here.
Control is not easy at all. I learn much things here.
So, I would like to say, my decision to go here for studying is right.

ciao ciao,


  1. Great closing, great statement.. three months left, keep on fire!!!! :)

    1. grazie mille cara!
      yups... be ready for anything in 3 months ahead!