sabato 23 giugno 2012

Summer Holiday

My life in Turin, probably around 3 months ahead. I love this city. It's not too crowded, nor too quiet. I love my neighborhood, close to train station and centro, and now also close to my office.

Since I hold the resident permit for Italy, I could travel in Europe as well. So, in this short time, less than 3 months, I have to visit other countries. I don't know when will I have the opportunity to visit Europe again.
Then, I make a plan to spend my summer holiday to travel around Europe.

Here is my travel map:

Turin - Milan - Venice - Vienna - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam - Paris - Zurich - Turin.


I use InterRail for 5 travel days within 10 days. Because I only have short holiday from the office. I have to buy another ticket from Turin - Milan - Venice and Zurich - Turin.

OK,, the cost is not cheap though. I use all my saving money hahaha... I hope this journey will be great.
I spend more money also to book the train. Actually, by using InterRail Global Pass, we can exchange the ticket directly in the country we visit. But, I know that it's the Global Summer Holiday for all around Europe. I don't want to take a risk without reservations.

This is (almost) all the tickets for my Summer Holiday. I will start the trip at 11 August 2012 until 19 August 2012. Hope everything will be OK.

Allora, Buona Vacanza!!!!

ciao ciao,


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