sabato 2 giugno 2012

Sundanese exists in Pisa

Sundanese is called for language and people from West Java province. Bandung is located there, so I used to talk with Sundanese people. 

It's easy to differentiate Sundanese people with other regions. They used to spell 'F' and 'V' alphabet with 'P'. For example, television. We call it TV, but Sundanese call it 'TP'.

When I travel to Pisa, I found something unique which remembering me with Sundanese. 
I saw a Wi-Fi spot board, but it's written Wi-Pi.

I laugh out loud when I saw it,, I said to my friend... "we are in Bandung!"

So,, be proud as Sundanese. Our language exists in Pisa. LOL

ciao ciao,


  1. wuooohh... would it be priska if I were there?? nyeheheheh :p

    1. hahaha...could be!
      however, I really like this board, remind me with Bandung :p