giovedì 21 giugno 2012

Ho stanco

Internship (sometimes we call it Stage) has been started at June 11. First impression, the office is big and spacious. The distance from 1 table to another is around my room now. hahahaha (this is a fact...)

I sit next to my tutor. He is very kind, and very busy with meeting almost every 2 hours in average. Actually, not only him, but almost everyone are busy with meeting. Only me who can remain on my seat.

He gave me a lot of papers. Actually, automotive is not bad at all. It's great to be involved in this research based company. I learn more and more about diesel engine, and specifically in crankshaft.
Today, I just got the torque analysis toolbox, from my colleague (I could say, he is my trainer). He explained me practically thing. And he is also graduated from Automatica department, same with me.

What I like most in these 2 weeks is I enjoy walking in the morning and late afternoon. The office is around 20 minutes by walk from my flat. So, it's really enjoyable.

But, during these weeks, I felt so tired. I have other things to think about, after work.

I have some pictures to be shared here, but I don't have enough time to just open my blog.
Hope, I could enjoy this weekend with blogging.

*mom & dad,,, please pray for me always.


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