venerdì 31 agosto 2012

The Office

Buon giorno,,

It's been a while I haven't posted any picture. I have a lot of pictures from my Euro trip. For myself, I even haven't seen all those pictures, haha. I will post in another time about my trip.

This morning, I went to the office earlier than usual. I made a plan to sightseeing my campus. Because I want to share how my campus looks like. Since my campus and my office are connecting, it's easy to stop by around campus before going to the office.

Allora, I'm sorry that I could not mention the company, and I don't think it's important also :p
I will call the company which I work for 3 months as 'The Office'.

Here is the side view of The Office. The weather today was so refresh, with average temperature 16 degree. I like looking on the green grass, relaxing my eyes.

Side view of The Office

There are 3 entrances to enter The Office, the main entrance in the middle of the building, and two side entrances. Picture below is the A side entrance, where I used to enter. Since I went too early, there are not much bicycles. :D

Entrance of The Office

Next week is my last week work on The Office. Though it's short time, but I experienced work as Control Engineer, my dream job. 
Thanks to Simone Barbero, Luca Scavone, and Fabrizio Abrate who teach and support me on work during this 3 months.



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