venerdì 16 marzo 2012

Glen Coe and Highland - The truly view of Scotland

During my holiday in Scotland, I took a tour to Highland and Inverness. I took the Rabbie's tour for a full day tour from Edinburgh. In this post, I will share the truly view of Scotland, yup...Highland!

I was so excited during the tour. The driver, which is also the tour guide, is very talkative and give a very good naration about Scotland's history. He also play some Highlander musics. Seems I become a viking at that time! hahaha...

Along the way, The view is so beautiful. This is my big reason to visit Scotland,, I adore its nature.

random shot along the way to Glen Coe

The first destination is Loch Lomond. Actually, there are many Lochs around Highland. In Scottish, Loch means Lake. 

 Loch Lomond

 Loch Lomond National Park

During spring and summer, many people come to this Loch. They usually go fishing here. Since, I came in winter time, so it seems so quiet. This is one of the most visited Loch, because it's easy to reach, around 45 minutes from Edinburgh.

Along the way, we saw the Highland cows. It's amazing for me to see them in their habitate. They are so unique, which have thick hair. Yes, they need it to face the extreme weather in Highland.

Highland Cows 

Highland become so popular after the film Braveheart. It's also one of Harry Potter's filming location.
Glencoe, Scotland
Push further into Scotland to see Glencoe where the dramatic landscapes round Hogwarts were filmed. You’ll recognise the Steall Falls at Glen Nevis from the Tri-Wizard Tournament in the Goblet of Fire (2005). The rugged beauty and natural drama of the Scottish highlands are the perfect background for the first two Harry Potter films – where the Quidditch matches were filmed against the backdrop of Glen Nevis (also used for Braveheart, Rob Roy and Highlander II). 

  Glen Coe

Glen Coe

Passing through Fort William (Fort means town in Scottish), we were brought under Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain.

Ben Nevis
some people took a picture with Ben Nevis as the background

It was a perfect moments for me, I really enjoy the truly view of Scotland, Glen Coe and Highland.

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  1. hooo ya?? i just know if one of harry potter scene is here.. hihihi *shy... waow.. again win.. your photos makes me want to see your pics than to read.. :p but i read it even in english :P

    1. hahaha... that's why I just put some words as information.