venerdì 3 febbraio 2012

L'inverno in Torino

Winter has come! finally I met snow :)
For me, who live in tropical country, winter is the most awaited season. Perche e NEVE! yes, it's because of the snow ^__^

Here I share some pictures. 
morning view from my flat

All the pictures were taken in Parco del Valentino. So happy, that my friend and I made a snowman (actually snowgirl :D).

I feel like in the Narnia. And everytime it's snowing, I just guess that Edward are making the ice statue in his castle.

I hope I could meet winter again next year in some other places.

ciao ciao


  1. again, you make me envy my friend!! aaargh i want to see and touch snow.. and your snow girl just has one ear.. :P but still good job for the beginner.. ahahahah.. still, i wanna say.. you have photographer skill.. love your pic again, you took pics in the right angel dear.. love it <3

    1. come here then!!
      thanks for your compliments...
      I just shot what i think it's nice for me as my own archives :D