lunedì 8 aprile 2013

Points of Life

In control systems theory, Multiway points trajectory is a unity of points which linked from one point to another. Then we need to perform a control command to maintain the systems on the right trajectory that we want.
Life is just like that- walking from a single step to another. But, walking to another step is never as easy as defining the initial point.

Sama seperti 'multiway points' dalam istilah Kontrol, Trajectory (lintasan) dapat didefinisikan dengan sejumlah titik, dari satu titik ke titik berikutnya.
Imo, analogi hidup juga seperti itu. Melangkah dari one single step to another step.

Tapi memulai langkah berikutnya tidak pernah semudah 

menentukan initial point.